Jeremy Jordan


Hello and thank you for investing the time to learn more about me as your Realtor and more importantly, a professional and knowledgeable guide through the property buying and/or selling journey.

I devoted my earlier years in life to serving our nation in the Military. I gained my confidence in performance, and detailed communication methods while leading citizens such as our community members in peace and wartime. I'm well diverse in various cultures as a result of my numerous international travels.

I sought additional professional development by way of earning my MBA at Michigan State University. My advanced education-centric to business affords my clients the added perspective from a business standpoint (negotiations beneficial to my clients), balancing the emotional experience.

 My family and I are fellow community members residing in McKinney, TX. We are not only proud homeowners such as you are and/or will be through my dedicated service but also, devoted contributors to our encompassing neighborhoods through ensuring YOU own a piece of our collective dream of property ownership.